Frequently Asked Questions

January 07, 2022 by AireHealth

Patient Population & Intended Use

Who may use the AireHealth Connected Nebulizer?
The connected Nebulizer device (PN# AH-04A) may be used by anyone with a respiratory condition over the age of 5 with a doctor’s prescription.

Medication & Treatment

How much medication does the AireHealth Connected Nebulizer hold?
Our Nebulizer can hold up to 6 ml of medication.
What Medications Can I Use In The AireHealth Nebulizer?
The AireHealth Nebulizer is cleared for prescribed nebulized medications such as Albuterol, Ipratropium Bromide and Pulmicort. Pentamidine is not an approved medication for use. In addition, the nebulizer can deliver normal saline. Your doctor can instruct you. For questions about a specific medication, please contact your healthcare provider.
How long does the treatment take?
A 3 ml treatment should take less than 7 minutes. This is because the average delivery rate is .35 ml to .40 ml per minute! Don’t forget that our Nebulizer delivers approximately 98% of the medication in the medication cup, unlike a compressor/nebulizer that can have as much as 1 ml remaining when they begin to sputter.
Should I use a mouthpiece or mask to take a treatment?
The connected nebulizer is approved for use with a mouthpiece. Using a mouthpiece provides a more direct way to inhale the medication. We suggest cleaning your mouthpiece after each use and replacing every 90 days along with your medcup. A mouthpiece and medcup are included in each connected nebulizer kit. Please contact AireHealth at to purchase replacement kits.
If I am using this for a child what size mask should I use?
A mask has not been approved for use with the connected nebulizer. If you prefer to use a mask, consider the non-connected nebulizer (AH-03) which is approved for use with a mask for people 2 years of age and older.
What if I feel better after using the AireHealth Nebulizer for only a few minutes? Can I stop taking my treatment?
You should follow your doctor’s recommendations when taking medications. If you are feeling better in a shorter period of time with our nebulizer you should discuss this with your doctor.

MyAireHealth App

What is the is the MyAireHealth App?
MyAireHealth is a diary companion App and is an optional accessory fordisplaying tracking and displaying connected nebulizer usage along with other self-entered information, such as symptoms and activity level. It is not required for use with the nebulizer and will not prevent operation or control the nebulizer.
What is the MyAireHealth App used for?
When paired with the MyAireHealthApp, the Connected Nebulizer is capable of providing use and status information wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. Please note:The diarycompanionapp is not a medical device.
Where do I get the MyAireHealth App?
The MyAireHealthApp is available for download oneither an iOS or Android smartphone. Please visit the Apple or Android App store and search for MyAireHealth to download the app.
How do I pair my connected nebulizer with the MyAireHealth App?
After you have downloaded the App, follow the instructions displayed to pair the connected nebulizerwith your smartphone. If you encounter any technical issues, contact for further support.

Battery & Charging

How many treatments can I get from a full battery charge?
A fully charged connected nebulizer will operate for 90 minutes. If the nebulizer device has not been used for an extended period of time (i.e.,>7 days), the device should be recharged.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
A depleted battery will take approximately 4-6 hours to charge.
Can I put the battery on the charger even if it’s not depleted?
It is always best to deplete the battery before charging.
Can I use a different charger to charge the battery?
We recommend that you only use the charger supplied with the unit. Please see the Instructionsfor Use for more information on charging your nebulizer.
If I plugged the charger into the handset properly and the blinking green charge light did not come on, is the battery still charging?
No. The blinking green light indicates that the batteryis charging. If the greenlight is not blinking the device may not be receiving power or the device may already be fully charged.

Parts & Maintenance

How often do I need to clean the medication cup?
You should operate the unit with distilled water after each day.Please reference the Instructions for Use for cleaning instructions.
How long do I run the unit with distilled water?
You only need to operate the unit with distilled water for 15 seconds to clean the mesh. Reference the Instructions for Use for more details.
My AireHealth Nebulizer sometimes drips medication from the mouthpiece. Is this normal?
Yes. This is because the aerosol is so dense, some of the aerosol can collect on the inside of the mouthpiece during treatment. This can cause a small amount of liquid to drip from the mouthpiece, which is referred to as “rainout.” To eliminate rainout, tilt the unit slightly forward during treatment as described in the instruction manual. This will allow the aerosol to leave the mouthpiece with little or no rainout.
If I have a problem with the unit who do I email?
You can email CustomerService@aire.healthwith any concerns or questions.
How often should the Medication Cup be replaced?
If you are using the Connected Nebulizer (PN# AH-04A), you should replace the medication cup after 90 days. Contact to purchase replacement cups.
I attached my medication cup to the handset, but nothing happened when I pressed the Start/Stop button. What should I do?
There are 2 possible answers. First, be sure that the contacts on the handset and medication cup are clean in accordance withthe quick reference guide. Second, be sure that the medication cup is attached properly to the handset. To do this be sure that you hear “click” when you attach the medication cup to handset.
What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover?
The warranty covers the Nebulizer, excluding the Medication Cup and accessories. Please reference the Instructions for Use for more informationon the warranty.

Insurance Coverage

Is the AireHealth connected nebulizer covered by medical insurance?
Private Insurance Coverage for the connected nebulizer will depend on your insurance plan. Private Insurance Plans have varying policies for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) coverage, out-of-pocket amounts, and annual deductibles.Call your insurer and discuss coverage for portable nebulizers. If asked, the HCPCS is E0574.